Estelle Jan 2007

Estelle Jan 2007
This is the home built by John Nelson

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kitchen / Family Room During Remodel

Looking east into what was originally the kitchen. Now, the walls are painted (and smooth - with a plaster finishing technique). We chose the color Sand Dollar (from Sherwin Williams super paint) because it is soft and comfortable. During the day, the walls take on a very warm tone. There are 9 can lights in the family room and another 9 lights in the kitchen - makes for a very bright room . A ceiling fan in the center of the room contributes to the home-y environment of Estelle. I think John and Catherine Nelson would be proud.

Here is the dividing wall between the family room and the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets will end here.

Here is what was the family room - and is on its way to becoming the kitchen. With an old house, you always have to be ready for compromise and change - and Estelle gave us her share of challenges.
The raised ceilings (compared with the 8' previous ceilings) are a dramatic improvement.

Anya stops in to check out the newly laid imported Italian tile. Behind where the new pantry cabinets will be, we left some of the old wallpaper for those who renovate Estelle next time to find. (We've been stashing little 'finds' throughout).

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