Estelle Jan 2007

Estelle Jan 2007
This is the home built by John Nelson

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I know that my post are random. But I will as the house gets done do a before and after post of each room. To kind of make a little sense of the whole thing. This is my first attempted at blogging and I'm sure I'm a better body man the a blogger.

Thanks for Checking out Estelle
More pictures of the master bedroom.
With its nice salmon colored paint and
all the holes from the nails that were in the paneling we removed

The new windows before the trim

Lots of hole and cracks

The Plaster in Estelle was very coarse and had lots of nail hole in it. So to even it out we added a light texture to the walls. We call this Holey Smooth it looks kind of like an old mission wall

Patching the walls and ceilings

Walls primed ready for paint.
We are going to paint the walls
Lazy Gray (Blue Gray)
Trim Greek Villa

In the seventies the wide baseboards and window trim
were removed and replaced with trim from that era.
As well as adding aluminum windows and lowering
the ceilings and paneling the wall. We removed the paneling
and raised the ceilings a back to the 10.5 foot level and
added more fitting windows and lights. The trim and baseboards
are not exact but is as close as we could match without breaking the bank

The door are not original and will be replaced

We really like this light it matches
the house well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Estelle has had some up grading done on the electical over the years. But most rooms only had one or two plug per room because of the brick wall. Each added plug had to be drilled and cut into the solid brick walls. Plugs on 12' centers were added to each room of the house making living in this old house a whole lot easier.

The template

Hammer drilling and cutting with a diamond blade
to make a hole for the new plug box.
The hole before the wire channel was cut.

Adding plugs to the solid brick walls
Using a hammer drill to make the hole for the box

Box opening and wire channel

Adding the wire and fastening boxs in the wallThe finished plug ready for plaster