Estelle Jan 2007

Estelle Jan 2007
This is the home built by John Nelson

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kitchen / Family Room Before

This shows the family room - SW room on the main floor.
Notice that the ceiling has been lowered - visible by the height of the door trim (which was trimmed to accommodate the lowered ceiling).

The door shown exits to the west side of the house. Later, you'll see how this room becomes the location of the new kitchen.

Here is a view of the kitchen. The window shown here is on the East side of the house. Notice the water pipes that reach up to the second story bathroom.

When we ripped out these cabinets and started tearing out the wall (to open this area into the NE room), we found that there was originally a door here that had been boarded up and plastered over years ago.

This is in the kitchen looking to the SW. The doorway next to the fridge you'll notice in the remodel, but the wall (on the right side of the picture) is torn out.

Wall between kitchen and family room is being torn out.
This picture was taken from the kitchen area (notice the tile floor) looking west out the back door. In this picture, you can see that we've ripped out the lowered ceilings and took down the heating ducts (that's why the ceilings had been lowered).

No more cabinets in the kitchen. Notice where the old ceiling stopped - the wallpaper pattern meets the white walls.

Now, the fireplace sits between these two windows.

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